Honoring La Crosse Baseball Legends

Who We Are

The purpose of the La Crosse Area Baseball Hall of Fame is to recognize the significant impact that baseball has made on the La Crosse, Wisconsin area. We seek to commemorate the individuals most closely associated with baseball, its promotion, success and positive impact on the economy, history and quality of life in the La Crosse area.

Each inductee will be honored with an engraved plaque in the shape of home plate, which will be permanently embedded in the sidewalk around La Crosse’s Copeland Park, a historic and present site of baseball in the La Crosse area.

The first class of honorees were inducted in January 2015. Future classes will be inducted on an annual basis, with the honorees to be announced in January of each year.

A traveling display of baseball memorabilia and artifacts to honor the history of the game in the La Crosse area will be created. This display will be housed temporarily at various locations, including businesses, museums and schools. The display will evolve and change over time as new materials are added to it. Its purpose will be to inform, entertain, and educate.

Copeland Park was chosen as the site for the commemorative plaques for its historic and present significance in the La Crosse baseball scene. More than 200 baseball games are played at Copeland Park each year. The high traffic area around the baseball field makes it an ideal venue to honor those who have helped to promote baseball in the La Crosse area.

A facility for a permanent display. This might be a dedicated baseball hall of fame museum building or permanent exhibition space in another facility.

To acknowledge the historical, economic, and social significance of the role that baseball has played on the growth and development of the La Crosse area. We seek to honor those with area ties who contributed to the great game of baseball and the improvement of the quality of life in the La Crosse area.

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